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Laser Skin Resurfacing Orange County

laser skin resurfacing orange county

Laser skin resurfacing is a relatively modern form of rejuvenating skin, but our Team of expertly trained staff have years of experience in providing the treatment.  When it comes to improving skin, it is generally a matter of trying to overcome the effects of aging.  There are really three (3) different types of changes that the skin undergoes when it ages.

The first change consists of textual or color changes that happen near the surface and cause fine lines and wrinkles. The next type of change is when the dermal layer thins and becomes more transparent. The final area is typically the elasticity of the skin, which begins to sag with age.

Fortunately, with modern advances in skin care, laser skin resurfacing can improve skin’s appearance and reduce the signs of aging by using focused, high-intensity light.

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