CareCredit Financing Options

At Vein Clinic CA, we offer great financing options through our financing partner, CareCredit.  We provide our financing options to help meet the individual needs of our patients.

With CareCredit as a financing option, you have the ability to finance up to 100% of your treatments. Best of all, there are no application fees or upfront costs associated with the financing.  Additionally, there are no annual fees that are due, and no pre-payment penalties if you decide to pay of the financing early. The best place to start is to schedule your procedure today and conveniently pay with low, monthly payments.

Another great benefit about CareCredit is that is can also be used as a revolving line of credit for multiple procedures.  This means that our patients do not need to re-apply each time they have a procedure. CareCredit is one of the largest financiers in the United States for these types of treatments, so a full-range of plans are available to choose from or customize for each individual.


  • 12-month plan at 0% APR
  • Zero interest as long as the balance is paid off within the specified period of time.
  • Low monthly payment minimums


  • Use a 24 or 48 month plan, or extend it up to 60 months
  • Available for treatments that are $1,000 and up
  • With payment plans, your payments can be as low as $76 a month on a $3,000 treatment or procedure

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